Men’s Ministry


     Sanctuary of Praise’s Men’s Ministry is a ministry specifically designed to equip men in Biblical principles applicable for today; to minister in areas specifically related to men; and to build up friendships with other men in Christ.  It is our desire to prepare and strengthen men in their faith so that they may go back to their homes, work places and communities and be an influential advocate for Christ.

     Our vision is for our brothers to meet monthly for rap sessions, Bible studies, breakfast gatherings, men’s conferences, retreats, outreaches and workshops.  The purpose of us meeting together is to build one another up in the faith, hold each other accountable, pray for one another’s needs and encourage each other to continue steadfast in our Christian faith.  Our men’s ministry will seek to provide in depth mentoring for our teen boys with the necessary guidance and instruction for them to grow from being adolescent boys to solid, wise men of God.


Women’s Ministry:

     The purpose of our Women’s Ministry is to meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of women at Sanctuary of Praise and within our community. We need to be keepers of our home, husband, and children. We must maintain a solid relationship with Christ while meeting the need of the family. This ministry is designed to encourage women to grow in their faith in Christ, to develop and strengthen intimate friendships with other women, and to provide opportunities to serve and reach our community for Christ.

     It is our vision that our Women become aware of their identity and purpose in Christ, and utilize their individual strengths in our programs to assist with the needs of our sisters and the sisters in our community.  Mentoring for our young and teen girls, monthly meetings, Bible studies, breakfast/luncheons gatherings, conferences, retreats, outreaches, workshops, and fitness sessions are all venues provided to perpetuate growth for the total woman. The Women’s Ministry will also fellowship with Daughter’s on the Wall.


Youth’s Ministry:  

     Sanctuary of Praise Youth Ministry was created to help our youth spiritually, emotionally and academically. We realize that effective communication with our youth is declining rapidly within schools, homes and the church community. It’s our vision that our youth recognize and understand who they are in Christ and live life with a purpose. It’s our desire that the youth build lasting relationships and encourage each other to become future leaders and bold witnesses for Christ.

     The primary focus of the youth ministry is to make each youth aware, that they are uniquely made by God and for him, and that God has a prescribed plan for their life.  Secondly, we want our youth to realize that they can live for Christ and enjoy the life he’s planned for them.  We feel that this can be accomplished by helping them to deal with real life situations that confront our youth daily, in an environment that is open, honest and authentic.  Our plan is to use biblical principles to help them navigate through each obstacle. We will utilize all forms of social media, Sunday school classes, bible studies, mentorship, rap sessions, tutoring, sporting events and performing arts.