I heard Pastor Howard on the radio and when I tell you that I truly identify with the way he brings the word!! And because he has been through so much I know he is battle tested for God!!! This man can preach…-Deacon Don Feliciana
Joining S.O.P over 7 or 8 years ago I never thought I’d still be there but because of the piercing word of flames spoken by GOD through our Pastor, Bernard Howard and the saints of S.O.P I’m still seated every Sunday morning. The teaching of Gods word during Wednesday night Bible Studies will either make you or break you and it becomes hard to continue living in sin. I’m grateful to Christ who saw to it I made my way to S.O.P and I’m going to ride with my folks until the day of Christ’s return. Peace & Blessing to all those who are reading this, I cant wait to see all the new faces, Amen. -Bro. Lohren Robinson 
Well as you know when I came to SOP I was separated from my family and I could not seem to get back into their life. It was when I came to SOP and threw myself into worship and working for the Lord that the door opened and God restored my marriage. My SOP experience can be summed up in one scripture, Matthew 6:33. I wanted my family, but it only happened when I put God first.
SOP represents to me a ministry where God’s principles are first, and our Pastor exemplifies that position in his preaching and teaching every time he speaks. -Deacon Brian Matthews
I found SOP on Spirit 1340am.  My husband and I kept hearing the end of Pastor Howard’s broadcast, and after 2-3 times we wanted to hear more.  We began listening to the full broadcast and soon after visited, where we were met with opened arms.  My family and I decided to join SOP in May 2016, and we couldn’t be happier.  What initially drew us to SOP was Pastor Howard’s delivery of Gods Word, but another aspect I love is how there is an active ministry for everyone (youth, teens, men, and women).  Everyone is able to discuss and learn with peers how to live the way God intends us to. -Sis. Tumey Faliciana 
 From the first time I came to SOP I felt welcomed. It felt like being around family. I have seen such a change in my life. I have prospered beyond my expectations and I am still growing. I love the fact that I a Pastor and First Lady who cares. If I miss a day then they always check to make sure I’m ok. SOP is my home!!”  
– Sis. Monsita Janifer

“That I can’t hide from God because He see and hear all, increasing my faith in Him letting me know I can’t do nothing without Him, I can see clearer, I hear better, I speak life only because I am not hiding in a large congregation doing just enough to get by, my prayer is Lord I want to be real for you , being the person you are calling me to be .That is the impact that Sanctuary of Praise and Prayer is doing for me.”       – Grandma Lela Price

“When I joined SOP in 2005 it was my safe haven. Whenever I entered I felt loved, welcomed, at home, and at peace. I received my healing there. I’ve found a strength I didn’t know I possessed since I’ve been a member at SOP. I’ve learned its okay to tear down the walls I’d erected around me. I’ve let go of that shy person I used to be and opened up more. I have learned that I am precious to God and what He has placed in me is valuable to the body. I’ve learned that if nobody else loves me, He does. I’m learning more and more about my Savior and Lord Jesus the Christ each and every day and what I’ve learned isn’t nearly enough. SOP has fostered a true desire to know Him, why He created me, and what it is He wants me to do on His behalf for His people. I serve an awesome God; everything I need, He is. Hallelujah!!!” -Sis. Denise J. Smith

“I’ve definitely noticed lots of spiritual growth since I joined SOP. Being in a smaller ministry helped me to actually get to know god for myself. I’ve learned to step outside of my comfort zone and to truly give god all the honor and praise that he deserves.” – Sis. Kendra Allen

“SOP, has truly been a blessing in regards to my spiritual walk with the Lord. With all the things going on in this dark world, it’s a blessing to have an environment of true worship!!” -Bro. Quintin Myers

“SOP to me is a place where I can see Godly leadership in action.” – Bro. Brian Matthews

SOP has taught me the true meaning of having a relationship with God. It wasn’t until I joined this ministry that I began to have an active prayer life and was able to see God’s work in my life from my prayers. SOP has been the foundation of my spiritual walk and continues to keep me rooted.” -Sis. Myka Myers


 SOP has been very inspirational in my life. I received mentors and sisters in Christ. I have learned the importance of leadership and humility. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior a few years ago but now realize what it means to have my own personal relationship with the lord. I can shout over the hills that “I am a friend of God… He calls me friend”. I love my church home, Pastor, 1st Lady and church family.” -Sis. Sabrena Pringle 


“Since joining the Sanctuary of Praise in 2003 I’ve experienced a more intimate relationship with Christ. The accountability factor that comes along with being part of a smaller ministry has definitely been a blessing, as I haven’t been able to get lost in the shuffle which is often an option in larger ministries. As a result, my faith in God is growing by leaps and bounds. Sanctuary of Praise definitely has a family-like feel. It’s been such a blessing to, not only see my life and the lives of my family changed, but to witness transformation in the lives of so many other people even those who haven’t officially joined in with the ministry. Pastor Howard and First Lady LaRon are definitely committed to the work of the Lord which is evidenced by their care and concern for the people. Their transparency fosters an insurmountable level of truth and honesty. To God be the glory for the things He has done!” -Sis. Katrina Allen

“Sanctuary of Praise is a place that has made it necessary for me to come out of my comfort zone and at the same time provided a place for me to be comforted.  Sanctuary of Praise has become my life.  Not only because my husband is the Pastor, but because my life has changed and continues to change in this ministry.. I love the uniqueness and transparency of our ministry.  This ministry has taught me the importance of being accountable to the body of Christ.  This ministry has taught me about being real, because in a small ministry you can easily spot a fake. Being in this ministry has taught me how to love people.  I am so grateful to God for the people that he allows to come to and through our ministry. I don’t say this lightly. It makes me happy as the pastor’s wife to say that I don’t have to lie before men to make him look good. our Pastor is a true man of God.  He’s not perfect but his love towards the Lord is perfect, and that makes him the perfect Pastor.   He has a heart that is towards God and he has a heart for the people.   I am excited about what God has done with me since day one of being in this ministry.  It has not always been easy but it was all worth it.  I’m a big girl now!!!” -1st Lady LaRon Howard


“I have been ducking church for some time, only because I thought it was so boring and that I could not do what I wanted to do being a member.  I had serious control issues.  I would try to avoid my granddaughter (who is a member of (SOP)) knowing that the first question she was going to ask was “NaNa, when are you coming to my church”.  I had some pretty bad experiences from going from one church to another and was reluctant about going.  I joined SOP eight years ago and I must say I have made a complete turnaround. I still have some issues to work on but I can say that God is good and preparing me every day for the next issue that comes my way.  We at SOP are one big family and I look forwarded to fellowship every week.  I thank God for our Pastor who is a true man of God and for his outgoing spirit.  I thank God for our 1st Lady who is not only by the Pastor’s side, but is available for us anytime of the day. I thank God and SOP for saving my life.” – Sis LaWona (NaNa) Green


Since I joined Sanctuary of Praise in April 2012, I have truly seen the blessings of God in all different areas of my life. I am establishing an intimate relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and am learning to seek him in all that I do. I am always fulfilled when hearing the word of God preached from one of his angels. I thank God for blessing me with my Pastor Bernard Howard, First Lady Laron Howard, and my church family. I am very grateful for them all. There is no other place where I could feel more loved, spiritually fed, and God’s presence in the midst. My Lord and Savior is real, faithful to those who diligently seek him, and supplies all of my needs” – Sis. Kathy SumnerKathy